I just wanted to have a few hens in the back yard...

I never intended to make any changes to the world when I decided that I wanted to have some pet hens for eggs and my own entertainment. Chickens have always made me smile and I wanted to share that amusement and the appreciation of where food comes from with our children.

First, I asked our neighbors if they minded. They looked at me kind of funny, but shrugged and said "ok". I could tell that they thought I was nuts. Relatively harmless, but nuts. I think that the raised garden beds and fruit trees in suburbia were their first clue.

I started out calling the city over a year ago and initially got directed to the Planning and Zoning who said "only in certain zones". Even if it is only a few hens. And even if they are pets. I thought that this needed to change. Sure, I could go underground. Say that they were for the kids' 4-H projects. Things like that. But it became the principle of the thing in my mind pretty quickly. "Who are they to tell me that I can't raise my own eggs" kind of an attitude.

Next, I tried contacting my city council rep with questions about the legal status of urban hens. Got pointed back to Planning and Zoning and in a direction which I am still traveling.

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