Second Reading Postponed

I received a call from Ted Shepard at Planning and Zoning saying that the second reading for the proposed ordinance changes to allow for urban hens in Fort Collins has been postponed until the Sept 2nd City Council meeting.

Even though there was no public comment against our proposal at the last City Council meeting, people who have concerns or are opposed have been in contact with their representative.

We need to show the Council members that there is strong support for this issue from their constituents. It is very important that you contact your City Council rep. Here is their contact information:

Get the word out to others that the City Council needs to hear that there are supporters for this issue.

Rebecca and I will be working on flyers. I will need folks who can get them out in the community to spread the word.

On the negative side, the City Manager originally wanted to postpone the second reading indefinitely, which would have essentially killed the proposal silently. Ted convinced him to have a second reading in September.

On the plus side, this gives us time to organize better. We will need to have both a solid plan in place for permitting and education, as well as addressing the concerns that were raised at the first reading.

There will be a lot to do between now and mid-August when the supporting documentation for the September City Council meeting needs to be submitted!

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