Chicken Party (Hendig)

When: Sept 27th, 4 pm to whenever
Where: Dan and Rebecca's house

Why: To celebrate more choice in the choice city
Who is invited: Everyone!!!
Please RSVP by Sept 20th with the headcount of your group/family (kidswelcome!). BYOB and a side dish to share. We'll provide veggie and cow-based burgers, hotdogs and drinks.

Rebecca (Dan's wife)


bobo said...

Had we known of your blog we would have stopped by. Wife and I were just talking about chickens and the new ordinance. We are south of you about 2 miles in Harvest. But I think our HOA strictly prohibits livestock. Which has precedent? City or HOA in this matter?

5 Alive said...

Does anybody know where to get bantams this late in the year? Just finished my coop after the ordinance passed, and anxious to get chickens, but can't seem to find any.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had found this before or I would have come by.

will be checking back to look for more updates!

Thanks for all your hard work! I had no idea who was working behind the scenes on this!

dan said...

bobo, your HOA rules will take precedent over the new urban hen ordinances. Read through your HOA rules closely, because I would be surprised if they speak directly about livestock. Most HOAs leave the details of land use codes to the city.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone willing to let me take a few video clips of your hens for a film project?