Petitioning at Old Town Farmers' Market and Other Good Stuff

I got a report back that the petition drive at the Old Town Farmers' Market went well today. Many thanks to Lori Van Skike and Teresa Redmond-Ott for getting 47 new signatures!!

There are lots of folks with some great ideas out there. Kent is suggesting a "Local Chicken Underground feeds the Hungry" event and working on legitimizing the Tour de Coop. Todd is planning a 'chicken night' at the Bean Cycle. Emily suggested a t-shirt to spread the word!! Several folks gave some great feedback on the t-shirt ideas. It feels good to hear so many great ideas. Let's work together to make sure they happen!!

As always, let people know that the issue is still not resolved, and that they need to contact their city council reps...

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Ani said...

Hi- I am a vendor at the farmer's market (I have a craft booth called PLAY FOR PEACE,selling children's toys). I don't get away from my own booth much, except for a quick run for fruit and veggies before we close at noon,so I didn't see or sign the petition. It would be nice if it could be walked around to the vendors for awareness and more signatures! I hope I can make it to the meeting at the Bean Cycle. I wanted to come to the last few, but my 11 month old baby does not always last for socializing into the evening, and we need to be home. I have been really wanting hens in my yard for some time now, for eggs, as pets and because it would be a perfect addition to the Lilac Moon Playschool, which is my in-home Waldorf preschool program. Please keep my posted on how I can help with the hen movement!