Urban Hen Awareness Campaign Underway!!

At our planning meeting before the 4th Holiday, we decided that our main focus should be a "public education campaign" to promote the Urban Hen Initiative.

The petition is being revamped to address FAQs and focus on Fort Collins residents only. This time we want to submit it to the city formally with our info packet. The final date for submissions is Aug 20th, so we need to hit the streets, so to speak. We would encourage people to distribute the petition at as many public events as possible between now and then. The Neighborhood Night Out was brought up as an excellent opportunity to bring up the issue for discussion.

We have an Urban Hen Coalition T-shirt Contest going on until Friday the 18th at 5:00pm. Please submit ideas to fortcollinshens(at)google.com. Details on final prices and the winning design will follow.

Please continue to talk to others about the Urban Hen Initiative, write Letters to the Editor, and contact your City Council reps. We need to keep this issue in front of the public.

Many thanks to all of those who made it to the organizing meeting! Keep up the good work.

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